Harness the powers of light and darkness to defeat the elder guardians and receive the magical runes to get back home.


In a magical world, where beings of dark and beings of light exist, the protagonists Vex and Lux enjoy exploring the world together. Vex, a being of dark, hosts the soul of Lux, a being of light. Vex can transform into Lux's form at will to use her light powers.

At their last adventure they unfortunately managed to trap themselves in an ancient temple of dark and light. The only way out is to fight the three elder guardians to obtain the three magical runes to activate the portal that leads out of the temple. But the elder guardians are not happy about the two intruders.

ELDEN RUNES is an action roguelike boss rush. Explore the ruins of the ancient temple in a 2.5D pixel art style, where each animation, mechanic and sound is lovingly made by hand. Each guardian has their individual fighting style, utilizing the elements of light and darkness. Use the powers of Vex and Lux to defeat them and get out of the temple!


The temple's main hall. Fight all the elder guardians to activate the portal out!
Fight against The Witness of Dagaz
Fight against The Essence of Ehwaz
Fight against The Knight of Sowilo